Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How are the sizes of the buses classified?
What are the standards for large, medium, small, and micro buses?

The classifications are based on the agreements set forth in the Road Transport Law (道路運送法) Here is a simple explanation of each class

Large: 12 meters long with a medium-high deck or above. Standard seating is 45 seats + 8 auxiliary seats. However, the number of seats can vary by bus.

Medium: 9 meters long with 28 ~ 33 seats plus auxiliary seats is standard.

Small & Micro: 7 meters long with up to about 25 seats. Including auxiliary seats, the max is 28 seats. In general, rows of 4 seats is a small bus while rows of 3 seats is a micro bus.

We recommend confirming your bus type when making a reservation.

Q. Can you handle transport other than sightseeing, for example, school trips and group transport?

Our company business is based in the Kagoshima City and the southern Kagoshima area (Nansatsu). We provide transport for any kind of travel.

We are especially experience in group travel, school trips, and event transportation which has given us great knowledge in how to provide quality services for these groups. In addition, we have a sales team to work with group travel and inbound travel operations and arrangements. Please feel free to inquire about any kind of travel both domestic and international that you need help with including company trips.

Q. Can a sightseeing bus company arrange accommodations, meals, and other tour reservations?

Reservations and booking can be made. However, please confirm that the company is a registered travel agent.
When requesting services in addition to transport arrangements, such as accommodations or meal reservations, we recommend to confirm if the company is a registered travel agent or not. When making these requests, a contract is required that includes special services for you protection and benefit. In order to form a contract includes consumer protection, it is highly recommended to choose a bus company that is also a registered travel agent. However, the choice is the responsibility of the customer.

Q. Do you do all travel arrangements or only bus travel?

GSE is a registered travel agent offers travel arrangements of all kinds. Our focus, though, is on group tours and organized tours to Kagoshima, as well as multiday tours and package tours.

We also handle the sales and reservations of other company tours such as JTB collective tours. Our company uses the JTB booking system to provide accommodations, packages, and other bookings. Our sales include a wide range of services such as group travel and school trips. Contact us with any of your travel needs.

Q. What is GSE-Net (formerly E-Net)?

GSE-Net is an alliance that was established in 2002 to bring together lodging, sightseeing, transport, and other tourism related companies located in the southern Kyushu area (Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Kagoshima). It is an autonomous organization that consists of 56 companies (as of April 2018). Using the experience and knowledge of the members, promotion efforts are being made all over Japan, as well as nearby countries such as South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. It is a new business model and one of the largest sales networks in southern Kyushu. To put it simple, GSE-Net is like an airline network such as Star Alliance. The GSE office is the head office for GSE-Net.

Q. With new diesel exhaust regulations being implemented in large cities, is it okay for older buses to be used for sightseeing?

The diesel exhaust regulations have influenced the market, but deregulations have also been introduced, so companies are buying used and older buses. However, each company is performing the proper maintenance to those buses, so there shouldn't be any kind of problem.

To provide safe and reliable service to our customers, we proceeding to replace all buses with new style buses that are not older than 8 years. We are open about sharing information upon request such as the manufacturing year of our buses. The average age of our buses makes our bus fleet among the newest buses in the area. In addition, our affiliated company handles our maintenance and perform routine checks on all buses for your safety.

Q. How are the prices of bus rates calculated?

The rates of coach buses is determined by and reported to the Kyushu Bureau of Transportation.
Each bus size (Large, medium, and small) has a determined calculation system. Base prices are determined by calculated the total distance traveled and total bus operation time. Additionally, driver accommodations, highway fees, parking, and other coach related fees may be added to the price.

Our company offers some great packages that include bus and hotels for the customer's benefit.

Q. Do you have an application to apply for coach services? Also, the bus size changed based on the number of passengers, but what about the price?

For coach bookings, please call, email, or fax us with any kind of request. So we can provide a quotation to you quickly, please provide the following information.
1. Name and contact information
2. Departure date and travel days
3. Number of passengers
4. Kind of travel (ex. Sightseeing, school trip, etc.)
5. any other necessary information
Be sure to inquire about our hotel package plans for some great benefits.

Q. What area do your coach buses operate? How far can they travel?

For Japan inbound customers, we are authorized to operate in all areas of Kyushu (excluding islands). In addition, if the departure or end point is in Kyushu, our buses may travel anywhere in Japan.



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