Bus Drivers Wanted

Women drivers welcomed

Job opening type Bus driver (permanent employee, seishain)
*First 3 months are temporary contract
Requirements Large vehicle type 2 driver’s license
* Experience welcomed, but not necessary.
Employment status After a 3 month trial period, become a permanent employee (seishain) upon showing sufficient skills.
*permanent employee retirement age: 65
Work hours Varies by itinerary
Office location GSE Nansatsu Kanko
5500 Chiran-cho Kori
Minamikyushu-shi, Kagoshima 897-0302
TEL:0993-83-2275 FAX:0993-83-4142
Start date To be determined
Salary To be determined
Benefits Social insurance
How to apply Email
Please send your resume, as well as the privacy agreement form found below to the following email address. If the privacy agreement is not attached, your email will be discarded.

Postal Mail
Please send a copy of your resume along with the Privacy Agreement found below to our head office. If the Privacy Agreement is not submitted, your resume will not be considered.

*Submitted documents will not be returned

GSE Nansatsu Kanko
5500 Chiran-cho Kori
Minamikyushu-shi, Kagoshima 897-0302

Privacy Agreement download word (only Japanese)
Privacy Agreement download pdf (only Japanese)



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    TEL: 0993-83-2275 (Japanese only) FAX:0993-83-4142

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    Florence Ena. 703, 16-14 Higashi Sengoku-Cho
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