GSE Bus Operation Management

(above) Mr. Shinya, GSE's General Manager of Bus Operations, giving instructions to a driver before a tour.

◆From 2017 December 1st, by Japanese law, it will be required the every office of bus operation must have at least 2 Motor Vehicle Operation Managers (via Transport Bureau)
※Motor Vehicle Operation Managers are national certified to properly arrange driving schedules and break times, provide proper sleeping arrangements, give proper guidance, observe fatigue and tiredness, and understand the health condition of all drivers in order to create the safest trasnportation conditions as possible.

● As of January 2017, GSE has 5 certified staff
● GSE also has 4 more staff that has completed training that allows them to execute certain checks and orders in the place of Operation Managers.
● In addition to the 9 staff above, all other staff including office staff and driver undergo training and workshops to improve safety awareness in all aspects of their jobs.
↑Company Safety Policy↑

For safe transport operations

Every GSE bus is equipped with a digital Tachograph that tracts current location with GPS, current speed, continuous driving time, sudden braking, and various other information. This information is relayed back to our office when it is processed and observed to improve the safety of operations.
Drivers are required to check-in before each operation. For drivers that are not at the office for the start of their operation (example: at a hotel), check-in takes place via radio and a mobile alcohol checker is used.
Every GSE bus is equipped with a drive recorder camera
Videos are used in training sessions with the drivers to improve driving techniques.
It may also be used in the case of an accident or other incident.

News and updates from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism is closely monitored to prepare for or avoid certain situations.
GSE is a certified 2-Star Safety Bus operator.



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