GSE is a certified 2-star safety bus company

GSE was awarded the 2-star certification from the Nihon Bus Association on September 29, 2016

GSE provides enjoyable tours with efforts to make operations safe and comfortable.

Bus with these stickers represent the efforts to maintain high levels of safety through driver training, driver health management and check-ups, bus inspections, and other safety measures.

It is something to look for when considering a bus company for tours and transportation.
Nihon Bus Association (Japanese)
*The following is a translated exert from the "Coach Bus Company Safety Evaluation Certification System"

【Aim of the Coach Bus Company Safety Evaluation Certification System】
To raise the expecations of the quality services provided by bus companies which meet the needs of the people that include not only sightseeing tours, but also other transportations services such as groups and event transportation.
It can be difficult for customers and travel agents to determine a bus company with quality safety operations, so customers have to choose without suffecient consideration of safety standards.
Coach Bus Company Safety Evaluation Certification System was started in 2011 by the Nihon Bus Association in an attempt to evaluate the safety standards of the bus companies.



  • GSE Head Office
    5500 Chiran-cho Kori
    Minamikyushu City, Kagoshima, JAPAN 897-0302
    TEL: 0993-83-2275 (Japanese only) FAX:0993-83-4142

  • GSE Inbound Office
    Florence Ena. 703, 16-14 Higashi Sengoku-Cho
    Kagoshima City, Kagoshima, JAPAN 892-0842
    TEL:099-298-9880 (English, Japanese) FAX:099-298-9090

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