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Company Name南薩観光株式会社 (なんさつかんこう)
English NameGSE
Travel Agency Registration旅行業登録票(Japanese Only)
Head Office 5500 Chiran-cho Kori,
Minamikyushu City, Kagoshima, Japan 897-0302
TEL:0993-83-2275 (Japanese only)
GSE Inbound Office Stylish Bldg. 702, 16-18 Higashi Sengoku-Cho
Kagoshima City, Kagoshima, Japan 892-0842
TEL:099-298-9880 (English, Japanese)
Company Licenses and Registered Business Areas Coach Bus Operations ( license: No.577 of the Tranport Bureau Kyushu District)
Travel Agency ( license: Kagoshima 2-175)
Travel Agents For Chinese Visitors ( license: 409-028
Safety Bus Certification (certification: 14-111)
Sakura Quality Inbound Tour Operator (certification: 2014040
Insurance Agency Rep (JI Accident & Fire insurance Co., Ltd.)

coach bus operations
travel arrangements
hotel and accommodation management
real estate leasing
specialized travel transportation
business operations of tourism related facilities
computer information processing
planning, mediation, and implementation of advertising and PR
planning and hosting international and domestic meetings and conferences
temporary staff dispatching
translating and interpreting
installment credit mediation
petroleum and motor vehicle sales, motor vehicle repair services
restaraunt operation
guidence in holding seminars and training related to travel, tourism, and culture
all business operations related to the above items
EstablishedSeptember 1984
Capital Stock20 million jpy
Board of Administrators
as of
CEO: Shozo Kikunaga
Director: Hiroshi Maemura
Director: Hitomi Kikunaga
General Manager: Shinichiro Shinya
Employeesoffice staff: 15
Drivers: 19
coach bus insurance: Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co
travel insurance: JI Accident & Fire insurance Co
Acceptable Ticketing Agencies
JTB, KNT, NTA, Hankyu Travel, ANA Sales, JAL Pack, Club tourism, Nishitetsu Travel, Zenryo, and more
Memberships Nihon Bus Association (NBA)
Kagoshima Bus Association
Kagoshima Prefectural Visitors Bureau
Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA)
All Nippon Travel Agents Association (ANTA)
Southern Kyushu Tourism Promotion Alliance (e-net)
Japan Council Travel Agents For Chinese Visitors
Japan National Tourism Organization(JNTO)
Japan Association of New Economy (JANE)
Kyushu Economic Federation
Associated BanksKagoshima Bank, Chiran Brance
Mitsui Sumitomi Bank, Kagoshima Branch
Mizuho Bank, Tokyo Chuo Brance
Korean Exchange Bank, Tokyo Branch

Company NameGSEコンサル&マーケティング株式会社
English NameGSE Consulting & marketing Corp.
Address Stylish Bldg. 702, 16-18 Higashi Sengoku-Cho
Kagoshima City, Kagoshima, Japan 892-0842
EstablishedAugust 2013
Company AdministrationManaging Director: Hitomi Kikunaga
Director: Shozo Kikunaga
Business Operationstravel related product creation, tourism consulting, business exchanges, market research
Associated BanksKagoshima Bank, Chiran Branch
Fukuoka Bank, Kagoshima Branch

update : 2019-10-23

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  • GSE Head Office
    5500 Chiran-cho Kori
    Minamikyushu City, Kagoshima, JAPAN 897-0302
    TEL: 0993-83-2275 (Japanese only) FAX:0993-83-4142

  • GSE Inbound Office
    Florence Ena. 703, 16-14 Higashi Sengoku-Cho
    Kagoshima City, Kagoshima, JAPAN 892-0842
    TEL:099-298-9880 (English, Japanese) FAX:099-298-9090

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