Privacy Policy

P101-A01-01 1 版

Established: 2011, April 1st
Revised: 2014, October 1st
CEO, Shozo Kikunaga

*** This document is translated from Japanese. The official registered documentation is in Japanese only and may be found here.***

At GSE, we recognize that the personal information we receive from customers in the process of making travel arrangements is of utmost importance and as a social responsibility to protect all personal information that we handle during the course of our work, and we are dedicated to observing all laws and ordinances governing the protection of individual rights and personal information. Additionally, we pledge our company-wide commitment to developing management systems to protect personal information, in order to realize the policies outlined below. We will also strive to be constantly aware of the latest trends in information technology, societal demands, and changes in the business environment in order to make continuous improvements to these systems.

1. We shall ensure that personal information is fairly and lawfully obtained, used, and provided only for executing our operations, recruiting employees, and managing human resources and that handling of personal information does not exceed the specified purpose.

2. We shall comply with laws, governmental guidelines, and other regulations on privacy protection.

3. We shall take reasonable security measures to prevent risks related to leakage, loss, and damage of personal information, including continuously improvement of our personal information protection management systems by investing business resources in line with the state of our operations. Moreover, if any improprieties occur, we shall immediately take corrective measures. Additionally, we may outsource part of our data analysis, tool creation, or mailing processes. In such cases, we shall conclude personal information protection agreements with counterparties and monitor their operations to ensure sound compliance.

4. We shall respond to any complaints and inquiries related to our processing with privacy information immediately, appropriately, and in good faith. In addition, we will cease the issue of mail magazines etc. when requested to do so by the customer.

5. We shall continuously improve our personal information protection management systems by reviewing them at the appropriate timing in view of changes in the environment surrounding the company. This policy is easily accessible on our company website, pamphlets, and more.

For any inquiries regarding the personal information privacy policy, please contact us at the information below.

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TEL: 0993-83-2275
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