Terms of Use

*** This document is translated from Japanese. The official registered documentation is in Japanese only and may be found here.***


  •  In order for customers to use the internet reservation system (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") of GSE Nansatsu Kanko (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"), they agree to the terms and conditions brought forth below. Please read before use.

(Compliance of Basic Matters)

  • Article 1
    Customers who use the service will adher to the general rules of manners, morals, and practicalities. We will strictly refuse, regardless of reason, the use of this service for the purpose of profit without prior agreement.

(Measures to be Taken Against the Basic Matters)

  • Article 2
    Customers who create trouble to third party groups or people, or create disturbances towards the Company's Service or services of business operators that are part of the Service (hereafter referred to as "Business Operators") are subject to be refused the Service or the services of the Business Operators. Also, reprinting, reusing, and duplication of the Service without permission is prohibited.

(Various conditions caused by hte Customer's settings)

  • Article 3
    The Service uses the appropriate settings for letters and characters to be seen. The Company and Business Operators are not responsible for those that cannot view or access the Service. In addition, the Company and Business Operators are not responsible for and circumstances that relate to the customers settings.

(Conditions of the User of the Service)

  • Article 4
    The use the Service is by the customer's choice and only for those that agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this document. Also, by using the Service and applying for a tour, the customers agrees to comply with these terms and conditions.
  • When the Service is used, the customer will obey the items set for in this document.
  • When applying for a tour or activity using the Service, the customer will provide their name, address, phone number, email, etc.
  • The tours of the Service may have certain restrictions. The customers agrees to these restrictions and to not demand price reductions.

(Services offered in the Service)

  • Article 5
    On the website that the Company manages, reservations for certain products may be made

(Compliance of the Terms and Conditions)

  • Article 6
    by participating in tours and activities offered in the Service, the customer also agrees to the separete terms and conditions of the Business Operators included in the product.

(Personal Responsibilities of the User)

  • Article 8
    When using the Service, the user is fully responsible for all results of their own actions. In addition, any actions of the user that result in damage, loss, or injury to the Company, Business Operators, or a third party person will be fully the user's responsibility. If the user, by means of any of the following, causes damage or loss to the Company, Business Operators, or the Service, the user will be subjected to the demand of compensation.
    • (1)Violating the terms and conditions of this document or the separate terms set forth by the Business Operators
    • (2)Fake reservations of tours, activities, and other products
    • (3)Making a reservation for a third party or person without their consent
    • (4)Sending harmful programs or data, or posting harmful content
    • (5)Sending or posting a third party's personal information without their consent
    • (6)Any action that violates the laws of Japan
    • (7)Other acts incidental to the above

(Reservation Application)

  • Article 9
    Please input the correct personal data for the desired product. If incorrect data is provided, the reservation may be voided.

(Completion of Reservation)

  • Article 10
    Reservations for tours and activities of the Service will be confirmed by email. The reservation will be completed only after the reservation is confirmed via email and payment is made.


  • Article 11
    The payment of tours and activities of the Service are made by the methods provided in the Service

(Cancellations and Changes of Reservations)

  • Article 12
    For reservation cancellations or changes, please use the Company's online reservation system or contact the Company. If a part or all of a reservation is cancelled, it is subject the cancellation fees based on the following cancellation policy.
  • The Company's standard cancellation policy
    • (1) Cancellations made at least 21 days prior: no cancellation fee
    • (2) Cancellations made 8 ~ 20 days prior: 20% cancellation fee
    • (3) Cancellations made 2 ~ 7 days prior: 30% cancellation fee
    • (4)Cancellations made the day before: 40% cancellation fee
    • (5 Cancellations made the day of before departure: 50% cancellation fee
    • (6) No contact or cancellation after departure: 100% cancellation fee

(Changes to the content of the Service)

  • Article 13
    In circumstances deemed necessary by the Company or Business Operators, changes to the Service or terms and conditions may be made without notification. Please check the terms and conditions everytime the Service is used. In addition, when changes to the terms and conditions are made, only the content after the changes is valid. Previous content is voided.

(Temporary Suspension of Usage)

  • Article 14
    Under the following circumstances, the Company made temporarily suspend the usage of the Service.
    • (1) System Maintainence
    • (2) Natural disasters, unnexpected emergencies, or threats that may harm operations.
    • (3) When the Company determines it is necessary to temporarily suspend operation of the website or Service.

(Handling of the Customer's Personal Information)

  • Article 15
    When a tour or activity is applied for on the Service, personal data is inputted into the application form. This data may be shared to Business Operators for the following reasons.
    • (1) To inform the customer of new products and services of the Company or Business Operators
    • (2) For research into how to improve the Company or Business Operator's tours or activities
    • (3) For the use in statistical information without specifying the individuals
  • The Company shall not disclose personal information obtained from customers to third parties, except in the following cases
    • (1) When the individual has given their express consent
    • (2) When disclosure is required in order to protect the life, well-being or assets of a person, and it is difficult to obtain to consent of the individual in question.
    • (3) When disclosure is particularly necessary for the improvement of public health or the promotion of sound education of children and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual in question
    • (4) When it is necessary to cooperate with government agencies or local public bodies or persons entrusted by these in the execution of their duties provided by law.
    • (5) When the Company outsources the handling of personal data in whole or in part within the scope necessary for the achievement of the Purpose of Utilization, in order to ensure smooth business operation.
    • (6) Personal Data may be provided to a third party if the Company is merge with or aqcuired by that party.
  • With regards to personal information, it is in agreement these terms and conditions and the Company's "Privacy Policy" and "Handling of Personal Information."

(Applicable Law in Regards to the Use of the Service)

  • Article 16
    The management of the Service is in accordance with the laws of Japan

(Competent Jurisdiction over Use of the Service)

  • Article 17
    In the case of a dispute between parties in the relation to use of the Service, the parties will come to a settlement in good faith. If negotiations cannot be settled, it is agreed that it will be handled by a Kagoshima District Court.

Supplementary provision

  • These terms and conditions have been enforced since 2017 April 1st



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