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2019年のGSE corp.は更に挑戦してまいります。幾多の壁は勿論のこと、壁越えてこそ!たゆまぬ努力で挑む精神で新たな未来あるビジネスへ!
2019年GSE corp將進一步挑戰。 虽有诸多堵墙,翻越城墙! 以不斷努力的挑戰精神開展新業務!
【Message of the CEO】
The 2019 GSE Corp. will further take on challenges. Many obstacles will eventually occur; but will certainly be surpassed! To the future business with spirit and constant effort! As all employees maintain steady transactions and innovation, we make certain paths for our future.

GSE corp. CEO 菊永 正三 Shozo Jack Kikunaga