Savor Southern Scents
with Original Herbal Tea-Making Experience
Use freshly-picked herbs to create your own original herbal tea
Blend together fragrant herbs, grown and freshly picked on the morning of your visit to the Osumi Peninsula, the southernmost tip of Kyushu, to create a luxurious herbal tea. Relax your heart and body with a stroll through the “Minamikaze Garden” with its flowers, fruits, and herbs blooming in all seasons. Includes dessert that pairs well with herbal tea.Pick directly from the herb garden during seasonal good weather.

◇Cost:Per person・・・
◼︎Herbal tea experience + one dessert 1,400 yen (tax not incl.)
◼︎Herbal tea experience + assorted dessert 1,900 yen (tax not incl.)