Kagoshima Day Tour Course: Isa & Kirishima
This tour takes you to Northern Satsuma from Kagoshima City.
From Kagoshima City, we'll take you to 4 scenic spots and ends the tour at Kagoshima Chuo Station and Tenmonkan
Sogi Power Plant

The Sogi Power Plant was built in 1907 in collaboration with German engineers. After almost 60 years of its operation, it was closed in 1965. It submerges for 7 months within a year due to annual flooding.

Sogi Waterfalls

The Sogi waterfalls has a width of 210 meters and a height of 12 meters. It's like a replica of Canada's Niagra Falls; a breathtaking sight to behold.

Maruike Spring

Located around Kirishima Area, the Maruike Spring is blessed with natural crystal clear water. 20 thousand tons of water flows everyday which provides not only drinking water, but for local irrigation as well.

Kirishima Grand Shrine

Kirishima Grand Shrine is nationally acknowledged as a significant cultural property. Visitors throughout the nation and even overseas come all the way to Kirishima just to visit the Grand Shrine.

This tour is a tour planned and sold by GSE corp.
( Kagoshima Prefecture Registered Travel Business 2-175 ).

Maximum 20 persons

※ Capacity is subject to change


Minimum for Departure 2 persons

・No tour escort and guide.
・Meals are excluded. Feel free to choose your meals on the designated restaurant.
・Free wifi on bus is available.
・Large luggage will be kept inside the trunk of the bus.

Stylish Bldg. 702, 16-18 Higashi Sengoku-cho
Kagoshima City, Kagoshima, Japan 892-0842
TEL:099-298-9880 FAX:099-298-9090
Last updated:2019-06-06


Base Price ¥ 7,700
3 and younger (no seat) ¥ 500
Tour Code GSET0211-0
Departure Date Wednesdays
Tour Length 11 hours
Meeting Point 1) Kagoshima Sun Royal Hotel
2) Kagoshima Chuo Station (West Exit)
3) Remm Kagoshima Tenmonkan-mae
4) SHIROYAMA HOTEL kagoshima
Pick Up:
8:30 Kagoshima Sun Royal Hotel Kagoshima
8:50 Kagoshima Chuo Station (West Exit)
9:05 Remm Kagoshima Tenmonkan-mae
9:20 SHIROYAMA HOTEL kagoshima

Ruins of Sogi Powerplant
Sogi Waterfalls
Maruike Spring
Kirishima Grand Shrine

18:00 Kagoshima Chuo Station (West Exit)
18:15 Kagoshima Tenmonkan
* End times may vary due to traffic and other circumstances
Minimum for Departure 2 persons
Maximum 20 persons
Included in Price INCLUDED: Transportation and Highway fee
EXCLUDED: Meals, Entrances etc.

Cancellation Policy

≪Cancellation Policy≫
5 ~ 10 days prior: 20%
2 ~ 4 days prior: 30%
Day before: 40%
Day of: 50%
No contact or after departure: 100%

If a customer cancels a reservations, we will charge a return fee. Regardless of your method of payment, 500yen taken from the expenses, as well as any transfer fees required to return the money.

In the case of the tour/activity being canceled, contact will be made as soon as possible and the payment will be refunded.

Open all year round from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

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