Tea Master Lesson in Chiran:
How to Brew and Enjoy Fine Tea
Learn how to serve delicious green tea that will earn compliments
Drink Chiran Tea, a brand of green tea, the proper way. Experience brewing and serving delicious tea with instruction from an experienced master. Proper technique makes all the difference in flavor, and learning the secret will surely make you want to start brewing your own tea from now on. Also includes a wonderful souvenir. ※Minamikyushu City is Japan’s #1 producer of tea by volume(municipality ranking)

该旅游商品为南薩観光株式会社(鹿児島県知事登録旅行業 2-175号)企划・销售的旅游商品

定員 10 人

※ 定員は、日程により変更する場合がございますので予めご了承ください。


最少催行人数 1 人

■Reserve:At least one week in advance
南萨观光株式会社 GSE事业本部 鹿儿岛辨公室

〒892-0842 鹿儿岛县鹿儿岛市东千石町16-18 STYLISH 702号
TEL:099-298-9880 FAX:099-298-9090
Last updated:2019-03-15


¥ 1,000
Tour Code GSET0181-0
举行日 Open every day
9 am ~ 5 pm
所需时间 30 to 60 mins
集合场所 17385 Kori, Chiran-cho, Minamikyushu City (Ocha no Hamada)
行程・内容 Please come to Ocha no Hamada in the designated time of reservation.
Activity time: 30 to 60 mins
最少催行人数 1 人
定員 10 人
Experience Fee, Insurance, Souvenir



≪Cancellation Policy≫
8 ~ 10 days prior: 20%
2 ~ 7 days prior: 30%
Day before: 40%
Day of: 50%
No contact or after departure: 100%

If a customer cancels a reservations, we will charge a return fee. Regardless of your method of payment, 500yen taken from the expenses, as well as any transfer fees required to return the money.

In the case of the tour/activity being canceled, contact will be made as soon as possible and the payment will be refunded.